Fire Sprinkler Systems – Water

One of the greatest life saving and property saving features of a building is the fire sprinkler system. Many people who are not associated with the fire industry knows what a fire sprinkler system is but do they really understand how this system works.

A fire sprinkler system is a networks of pipes containing sprinkler heads all connected to a pump. When a sprinkler head is activated it automatically initiates a discharge of water over the area containing the fire. Sounds simple but when correctly mapping out a fire sprinkler system for a building a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration  and here at FireSafe we strongly recommend the use of a hydraulic engineer.

How Sprinkler Systems Work

For a fire sprinkler system to automatically engage the sprinkler head containing a heat sensitive element needs to reach a certain temperature. Once the sprinkler head is at the required temperature the system is activated and begins to discharge. In NSW their are a number of legislative requirements and Australian Standards that are required to be followed these can vary from weekly/monthly, 6 monthly and annual testing.

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