Give your people a fighting chance, be Fire Safe.


These days all types of properties ranging from residential units, commercial properties, industrial properties and strata managed sites have essential fire safety measures installed throughout the property. This is to ensure that in the event of a fire, occupants are able to evacuate the building in the fastest way possible. Buildings are also designed to delay the spread of the fire or even extinguish it. These essential fire safety measures are installed as per the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia and must be inspected and tested at particular intervals. Every year an Annual Fire Safety Statement must be submitted to your local council.


FireSafe is a leading fire protection, certification, inspection and maintenance services provider of commercial, industrial and high rise residential properties. We offer a comprehensive range of scheduled testing and inspection services in accordance with the Australian Standards AS1851-2012, as well as providing statements of compliance certificates to assist in the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement for building owners.

FireSafe was established in 2010 by the Managing Director, David Sayes and has since grown with key personnel collectively providing our customers with over 50 years experience. The team at FireSafe provide second to none knowledge and expertise and are all fully qualified. Our expertise covers all types of fire protection equipment detection, warning, suppression system which exists within residential, commercial and industrial sites. All works are performed by our highly trained technicians and trades peoples, with written reports provided at the completion of each and every site visit. FireSafe also offers a range of training including fire warden training and first response firefighting, FireSafe is also able to design and implement your emergency evacuation plans and procedures.

We are proud to say FireSafe is a 100% Australian family owned business that prides itself on delivering the highest quality customer service and workmanship to our clients. We firmly believe in the product we are offering, as an essential service that saves lives.

FireSafe is also a Silver Member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia and proudly supports its standards and codes of practice.



Fire Safe believes compliance is not a check-box activity, but a lifesaving one. As the risk of fire is always present, fire equipment needs to always be ready to perform. Through our regular servicing and comprehensive maintenance, our highly trained technicians work to ensure the fire equipment and systems of clients are always functioning at their peak. Our solutions are tailored to our clients businesses to reduce risk to life and the risk of an emergency becoming a tragedy. Our business does more than protect property and keep council happy, it saves lives.

FireSafe is also committed to customer service, value for money and quality assurance. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service, and the highest quality of work and products. We use only products that are approved under the industry standard and do not compromise on this. The process need not be complex. FireSafe promises that we will make your obligations easier and ensure the process is done efficiently and effectively.

For additional information and to discuss how FireSafe services can help you, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly customer services representatives on 1300 347 372 or click here