10 Year Replacement of Smoke Alarms NSW Fire Brigades

Most building fire fatalities occur while people are asleep. To enhance safety and minimise loss-of-life in building fires, legislation was enacted on the 1st of May 2006 requiring smoke alarms be installed in existing buildings in which people sleep.

Owners affected by these laws are responsible for ensuring smoke alarms are installed and tested according to the Australian Standards.

Both hard-wired (mains powered, 240 volt) and battery operated smoke alarms are only manufactured to a standard that requires them to perform for 10 years.

After 10 years the accumulation of dust, dirt, insects and contaminants, as well as corrosion of electrical circuitry may cause a loss of sensitivity and malfunction.  All types of smoke alarms should be removed, replaced and disposed of every 10 years.

The limited lifespan of smoke alarms applies to ALL smoke alarms regardless of power source or the type of smoke alarm.

NSW fire brigades strongly urge all occupants and building owners to engage a fire protection company to inspect and test your smoke alarms and replace the smoke alarm if it has meet its recommended ten year life.

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