Things You Need To Do During a Fire

Raise the Alarm for everyone — After you’ve discovered fire, you need to act quickly and raise the alarm immediately, no matter how small or big the fire is—remember that fire can develop very quickly. Then, you need to ensure everybody in the house knows about the fire. You can shout and get everyone together.

Evacuate Everyone — You should have an escape route planned beforehand that everyone in your house is familiar with. You would want to be prompt and calm while evacuating everyone. As you escape, remember to stay together if you can, feel the doors you go through with your hand to check that the fire is not on the other side, only open the doors you need to and close ones you can to slow the spreading fire, do not try to investigate the fire and delaying time to save belongings, crawl on the floor if there is smoke and put your nose as low as possible because the air is cleaner closer to the floor. Once you are safe, you can then call the fire department near you.

Your clothes caught fire — When your clothes catch fire do not run around because it will only make them faster. Yet, you need to stop immediately, drop to the ground, and roll around because it will smother the flames. Or when you have access to heavy material, such as a coat or blanket, and water, you can wet the material then have someone put them on the burning clothes.

If you are trapped

You should consider the following instruction if you are trapped inside by the fire.

  1. Put thick bedding or towels along the bottom of the door to seal the gap so the smoke cannot get in and contaminate your lungs.
  2. Stay near an open window to get fresh air and let the Firefighters see you.
  3. If you cannot open a window, you must break the window then cover the jagged glass with thick towels.
  4. You can then shout out for help from your neighbours.
  5. Do not jump out of the window, unless you’re on the ground or the first floor, you can try to lower yourself to arm’s length, then drop to the ground.
  6. If you’re too high to try it, just call the fire department near you.
  7. Wait for the firemen to get you and don’t go back in for any reason.

Call the Fire Rescue Team

Once you’re out and safe, try to find a phone and call the fire-rescue department near you. When you speak to the operator you need to give your whole clear address, tell them what is on fire, also explain if anyone is trapped and which room they are in and just give as much information as you can so they can help you.

What’s next?

You need to find a safe place to wait near the building. If there is still somebody trapped inside, you need to wait for the firefighters to arrive. If you go back into the building, it’ll only be slowing down the firemen to rescue anyone else missing and put your own life in danger. Be calm and tell them about the person trapped and which room they are in.

Those are the things you have to do when there is fire. We obviously do not wish for this to happen to anyone. Unfortunate events are best to be prevented while we can. You should call Fire Safe for the preventive acts done perfectly. We are the professional to ensure you won’t have to do through an unfortunate event like that in the future.