Guide to Annual Fire Safety Statements in Sydney

In Sydney, NSW, ensuring your building’s compliance with fire safety regulations is paramount. Central to this compliance is the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS), a document that affirms your building’s fire safety measures are up to the mark.

Delving into Annual Fire Safety Statements

The AFSS is vital, demonstrating that your building’s fire safety measures, as listed in the fire safety schedule, comply with NSW standards. This involves comprehensive assessments and inspections by an accredited practitioner (fire safety), guaranteeing your building’s safety.


Fire Safety Statements

Fire Safety Statements Explained

  1. Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS): This annual statement includes all essential fire safety measures for a building, confirming they have been inspected by an accredited practitioner (fire safety) and comply with regulations. Inspections and testing for the AFSS must be completed no more than three months before its lodgement.
  2. Supplementary Fire Safety Statements: These are required for critical fire safety measures that need more frequent review, as detailed in the fire safety schedule.

Utilising the Standard FSS Template Form

Employing the standard government fire-safety-certificate-template, available on the Planning NSW website, is essential for issuing fire safety statements, ensuring uniformity and adherence to regulations.

Fire Safety Certificate

Role of Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety)

Accredited practitioners (fire safety) are crucial for the assessment and inspection of fire safety measures. Accredited by the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) accreditation scheme, these professionals are qualified to endorse fire safety system plans and specifications.

Annual Fire Safety Statements

FireSafe’s Expertise in Fire Safety Measures

FireSafe is at the forefront of providing comprehensive fire safety services in Sydney, assisting building owners and strata committees with all aspects of fire safety compliance, including AFSS preparation and submission. For detailed service information or to schedule an inspection, feel free to book online.

Our Expertise Covers a Wide Range of Fire Safety Measures:

Our extensive service range ensures your property meets every required standard, offering peace of mind through unparalleled fire safety compliance and protection.

Best Practices for Managing Your AFSS Requirements

Effectively managing your AFSS involves selecting an accredited practitioner (fire safety) well within the 12-month submission period, engaging in the fire safety statement process, and ensuring timely submission to avoid penalties. For more details on managing your AFSS requirements and avoiding fines, consult the NSW Department of Planning Fire safety statement – Frequently asked questions.

Council Penalties for Late Submission

Late submission of the AFSS can result in significant penalties, including court-imposed fines up to $110,000 or on-the-spot fines for non-compliance. Progressive weekly penalties highlight the importance of adhering to submission deadlines.

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