The early detection and warning of danger is the most critical of all fire prevention measures. Notification and communication during an evacuation are critical to saving the lives of the buildings occupants.

Engineer checks indication on fire fighting panel

An Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System is a complex system utilised in large buildings that allow for a comprehensive and controlled evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.

When the fire alarm panel registers an alarm, the EWIS system is activated, in turn activating the building occupant warning system. This not only delivers an evacuation alert, but also a voice message with evacuation instructions.

A chief fire warden is able to take control of the EWIS system using the internal phone to speak to the floor wardens to ensure all levels have been evacuated and the inbuilt PA (public address) system allows the chief warden to relay direct messages over the system.

Types of EWIS System

Based on the class of the building and its intended use, there are a number of types of warning systems available to achieve these objectives, including;

  • Emergency Warning Systems – Generate and control audible warning signals on each level or zone within a building. Visual warning lights may be installed in areas where there are high ambient noise levels which would make audible alarms ineffective. There are two standard signals ‘Alert and Evacuation’ which are either a tone or voice message. EWIS systems can also be used to distribute background music and routine public address announcements.
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System – Includes all of the EWIS features plus a dedicated emergency telephone communication between the master emergency control panel (MECP) and the fire warden intercommunication points (WIP’s) in each zone.
  • The Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System – Facilitates the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. This may be initiated automatically by the fire alarm system of manually by a break glass point.

Fire Safe are able to provide comprehensive servicing, repairs, training, testing and maintenance, as well as certification of your buildings warning and evacuation systems so both they and your occupants are prepared at all times.

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