Smoke and fire detectors and control consoleA fire alarm (or fire indicator) panel is an early detection and warning system design to communicate warning and evacuation directions to occupants at the detection of a fire.

Fire alarm panels are activated in different ways; they may consist of smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors and manual break glass points. Upon the activation of an alarm, the system will activate and tones and sirens will commence, directing the occupants of a building to evacuate. Some fire alarm panels may be connected to a monitoring device which will contact the fire brigade.

There are two different types of fire alarm panels that are used:

  1. Conventional
  2. Addressable


A conventional fire alarm panel organises it detectors (actuating devices) into zones which are monitored by the fire alarm panel. When a detector registers an alarm, that zone will be considered to be in alarm, giving you an indication of what area of the building the fire is located. These fire alarm panels are advantageous to properties such as small unit blocks, restaurants and properties that require fire alarm detection, however have limited areas as zones.


An addressable fire alarm panel is a far more complex system than your traditional conventional fire alarm panel. An addressable system has a LCD display so that emergency services are able to identify the detector in alarm and know its exact location. Each detector or actuating device has its own unique address that is able to state the following:

  • Loop
  • Detector number
  • Type of detector
  • Location of detector

These types of fire alarm panels are invaluable for properties such as schools, hospital, large residential buildings and large commercial buildings.

Routine Testing According to the Australian Standards and Local Council Requirements

According to the Australian Standards and local council requirements fire alarm panels require the following testing intervals:

Monthly – Fire Alarm Panels are required to be tested monthly

6 Monthly – Fire Alarm Panels are required to have a specific test every 6 months

Annual –¬†Fire Alarm Panels are required to have an annual test which requires 50% of the smoke detectors to be tested.

FireSafe is able to install, maintain and service fire alarm panels and are able to fault find and rectify all types of fire alarm panels.

We can offer the following services:

  • Fire Indicator (Alarm) Panels
  • Automatic Door Closers
  • Fire Alarm Bells
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Fire Sounders
  • Strobes
  • Break Glass Points

Fire Alarm Panels in Sydney – We’re the Experts

FireSafe is an expert provider of commercial, industrial and high-rise residential fire protection, inspection, installation, and maintenance and certification services. We offer an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services that are compliant with AS1851-2012 and the Building Code of Australia. We also provide fire equipment registers and reports that assist in the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement specifically for building owners. These comprehensive documents form a crucial component of the compliance process for every property owner, with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), the OH&S Act as well as the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 2000.

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