Scheduled Inspections

FireSafe understands that both building owners and tenants are not necessarily experienced or qualified to complete all the standard routine fire safety maintenance servicing and understand the requirements for inspection and mandatory testing of fire services equipment as specified under AS1851-2012. FireSafe can carry out these inspections and issue statement/s of compliance and other essential documents that contribute to the building’s Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Through our unique system register, our company is able to monitor as well as notify you whenever your scheduled Fire Safety in Sydney services (AS1851-2012) are due and when your Annual Fire Safety Statements are due for submission to your local council. We have a team of specially trained personnel who ensure that your premises isn’t missed and that all the important inspections and maintenance is carried out as per the Australian Standard AS1851-2012.

Testing & Maintenance

As per the Australian Standards essential fire safety equipment must be inspected and tested at certain intervals. By complying with the Australian Standards you will ensure that you have met your duty of care regarding fire protection towards your tenants and customers.

We are able to conduct inspections, equipment maintenance as well as end-to-end functional tests of fire protection and suppression systems. This ensures that these very essential services are ready and operational in case of a fire or emergency.

Click here to see the Maintenance and Inspection Frequency for various fire safety equipment.

Australian Standards

Listed below are a few of the existing Australian Standards that Fire Safe maintains and follows:

AS2444 – Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets

AS2441 – Fire Hose Reels

AS1670.1 – Fire Alarm Panels

AS2118 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

AS2419.1 – Fire Hydrant Systems

AS1905.1 – Fire and Smoke Doors

AS3786 – 240v Smoke and Heat Alarms

AS2293.1 – Emergency Lighting and Exit Signage

AS1668.1 – Mechanical Air Handling Systems

AS1670.4 – Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems

AS2441 – Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

And Much More.

Fire Safety Maintenance in Sydney – We’re the Experts

FireSafe is an expert and qualified provider of commercial, industrial and high-rise residential fire protection, inspection, installation, and maintenance and certification services. We offer an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services that are compliant with AS1851-2012 and the Building Code of Australia. We also provide fire equipment registers and reports that assist in the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement specifically for building owners. These comprehensive documents form a crucial component of the compliance process for every property owner, with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), the OH&S Act, the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 2000 and your insurance broker.

For a free fire safety and audit inspection, call FireSafe at 1300 347 372. You can also send us your queries via this online form.