A fire extinguisher is known as fire attack firefighting equipment and is an active fire protection device designed to extinguish or control small fires in emergency situations. It is NOT designed for use on an out of control fire, such as one which reaches the ceiling, endangers the user (e.g. no escape route), and in these circumstances the fire brigade should be called immediately. Your safety is the priority.

According to the Australian Standards fire extinguishers are subject to three types of serving levels:

  1. Level 1 Service Interval – 6 monthly test, tag and inspection
  2. Level 2 Service Interval – Yearly test, tag, inspection and annual fire safety statement.
  3. Level 5 Service Interval – Pressure test and recharge every 5 years or when a fire extinguisher is discharged.

Most of us know what a fire extinguisher looks like, however most people are unfamiliar with the type of fire extinguisher to use in different emergency situations. This is critical, as some extinguishers will enhance the severity of a fire. To understand which is best, we need to understand the 6 general classes of fire.

Please see the below chart of classes of fire and what is the best fire extinguisher to use:

fire extinguisher types

How to use a fire extinguisher

Whilst it is crucial to have access to fire extinguishers, it is pointless if you don’t know how to use it. In an emergency situation time is of the essence; knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is imperative. The steps required are:

  1. Pull the pin above the carry handle on the fire extinguisher (this will release the locking device and allow extinguisher to discharge)
  2. Aim the nozzle of the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire. Aiming at the base of the fire to extinguish the fuel of the fire.
  3. Squeeze the handle slowly to release the extinguisher agent
  4. Sweep the base of the fire from side to side until the fire is completely out.

IMPORTANT: Read the identification sign before use as not every fire extinguisher can extinguish a fire and wrong use may result in serious injury or death.

FireSafe carries a complete range of fire extinguishers that are all quality assured and tested according to the Australian Standards.

Fire Extinguishers in Sydney – We’re the Experts

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