fire hose reels

Fire hose reels are crucial in the event of an emergency and have been known not only to save properties, but lives. A fire hose reel comprises of a retracting hose that is able to provide a continuous supply of controllable water at a set output level.

Fire hose reels are design to handle Class A fires (Woods, Papers, Plastics) and should be turned on and fully extended before use. They are located at specified intervals and publicly accessible locations around most commercial office, high rise residential, warehouse and industrial sites to assist occupants to combat Class A fires which are beyond the reach or scale suitable for suppression with a portable fire extinguisher.

How to Operate a Fire Hose Reel

Before operating a fire hose, it should be fully extended and clear of lose objects where possible. A fire hose reel is designed to deliver a minimum of 20 litres of water per minute, in a controllable fashion, to a maximum hose length of 36 meters from the fixed reel.

FireSafe is able to supply a complete range of fire hose reels, replacement parts and maintenance services to ensure your reels are ready to perform during the unfortunate event of an emergency.

FireSafe tests all hose reels according to AS 1851.14. The testing frequency required is six monthly.

Hose Reels in Sydney – We’re the Experts

FireSafe is an expert provider of commercial, industrial and high-rise residential fire protection, inspection, installation, and maintenance and certification services. We offer an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services that are compliant with AS1851-2012 and the Building Code of Australia. We also provide fire equipment registers and reports that assist in the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement specifically for building owners. These comprehensive documents form a crucial component of the compliance process for every property owner, with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), the OH&S Act as well as the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 2000.

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