Smoke Alarms in Sydney

Smoke AlarmsA smoke alarm is a life saving device that can detect smoke and is one of the most effective indicators of fire. In most cases, smoke detectors are either
a photoelectric or ionization alarms; both of which comply with the Australian Standards AS3786 and The Building Code of Australia.  The differences between these two types of alarms is explained below.

Photoelectric (Optical Detection) – A photoelectric alarm contains a chamber that has an internal light source that is projected within the chamber. When smoke enters the chamber the light source is disrupted and the smoke alarm is activated causing an alarm tone. Photoelectric smoke alarms react quickly to smoldering fires that produce quite heavy smoke.

These type of alarms are best suited for installation in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens because these rooms tend to have large piece of furniture and other items which can burn slowly and create smoldering fires rather than flames.

Ionisation (Physical Process) – An ionisation alarm contains a chamber full of electric particles (ions). These ions are charged and are very sensitive to the presence of small particles. When the ions are disturbed, the smoke alarm is activated causing an alarm tone. Ionisation smoke alarms react quickly to flaming fires that produce less smoke but high flames.

These types of smoke alarms are best suited for use in rooms contain highly combustible materials which have the potential to lead to flaming fires.

So are smoke alarms necessary?

Smoke alarms should be considered a priority in commercial and residential properties rather than a nice to have. Smoke alarms are proven to save lives. The main reason as to why they are so vital is that in many instances when a fire is present it releases toxic gases that contain no smell. These gases, when combined with smoke, are a lethal cocktail that can kill. A smoke alarm acts as an early warning system; able to warn you of a fire in any part of your building.  These warnings are potentially life-saving and will give you and other tenants ample time to evacuate the building before the situation becomes critical.

FireSafe ensures that all smoke detectors are certified according to the Australian Standards AS3786(1993) and AS1670(1995) and the Building Code of Australia Clauses E2.2 and E2.2A. We sell, maintain and certify a large number of smoke alarms as well as heat detectors. We provide reliable, friendly and professional service and always focus on ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the essential services we provide.

Smoke Alarms in Sydney – We’re the Experts

FireSafe is an expert provider of commercial, industrial and high-rise residential fire protection, inspection, installation, and maintenance and certification services. We offer an extensive range of scheduled testing as well as inspection services that are compliant with AS1851-2012 and the Building Code of Australia. We also provide fire equipment registers and reports that assist in the compilation of the Annual Fire Safety Statement specifically for building owners. These comprehensive documents form a crucial component of the compliance process for every property owner, with the BCA (Building Code of Australia), the OH&S Act as well as the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 2000.

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