As the risk of fire is ever present, your fire protection equipment needs to be ready to perform when you need it the most. FireSafe offers a complete range of fire protection services and certification and are able to supply, install, maintain and certify all of your services and equipment needs. Keeping you SAFE is our priority.

Through our regular servicing and comprehensive maintenance services and systems, our fully qualified technicians continually strive to ensure your fire protection equipment and systems are functioning at their peak. We have the capability to service any range of fire protection equipment, detection, warning and suppression systems which exist in residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Our services include:

Maintenance, inspections and installations of the following equipment

  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets
  • 240v Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms
  • Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Hose Reels and Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Pumpsets
  • Fire Doors installation and repair
  • Occupant Warning and Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Fire penetration
  • Passive fire protection
  • Active fire protection

Essential Fire Services

  • Annual Fire Safety Statements
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Supply, Testing, Installation and Maintenance of all types of fire protection equipment
  • Rapid 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Council Fire Upgrade Orders
  • Final Fire Certificates (Needed to be completed to gain Occupation Certificate for Council)
  • Scheduled Routine Inspections in accordance with AS1851-2012


  • Fire Warden Training
  • First Responder Fire Fighting
  • Supervised Evacuation Drill
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures

For a free fire safety and audit inspection, call FireSafe at 1300 347 372. You can also send us your queries via this online form.