How to Choose the Appropriate Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are a crucial component of any fire safety plan, whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Not only do they provide a first line of defense against small, containable fires, but they also help in protecting lives and property until professional firefighting help can arrive. Given the diversity in types of fires and extinguishers, choosing the right one can be critical.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Families are occupied wrapping gifts, adorning the home, and enjoying their time together over Christmas. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when individuals are most likely to forget a crucial topic: fire safety.

Top Tips for Fire Safety

Surprisingly for many, the vitality of fire safety becomes noticeable only after a catastrophe, when it’s too late. Most households fail to understand the gravity of home fires and their homes lack proper safety measures. After all, it’s easy to get into the “it won’t happen to me” mindset. It takes seconds for a cooking accident or a fireplace to endanger families and ruin lives.

What are 5 fire safety rules?

When it comes to building planning and construction, you cannot possibly overlook fire safety. However, unless you know these measures, you might accidentally dodge these norms. While fire protection services are available in your city, it makes sense to seek professional support for installing and maintaining the fire-safety equipment.

Fire Safety At Home During COVID 19


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in more ways than one. It has changed the way we socialise, move around as well as work. Over the past few months, the new normal is all about working from home. With many schools closed, children are also increasingly at home.  

Things You Need To Do During a Fire

Raise the Alarm for everyone — After you’ve discovered fire, you need to act quickly and raise the alarm immediately, no matter how small or big the fire is—remember that fire can develop very quickly. Then, you need to ensure everybody in the house knows about the fire. You can shout and get everyone together.

Fire Safety in Shopping Centres: Things to Be Concerned

Shopping centres have the effect of general fire protection in communal aspects surrounding. This can include service yards. However, most will pass the obligation for the shop area into the shop owners/occupiers. This can include storerooms from the shops. Normally, once you go into the confines regarding the individual shops the duty passes through the shopping centre into the individual shop. This can form section of your lease and you will certainly be in charge of ensuring compliance.

What Fire Protection Equipment Should We Have In the Office?

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It is crucial for every commercial property to have fire safety equipment that meets the requirements of the law.  Every business owner should understand their obligations to ensure their client’s safety. Business owners can get educated on fire safety with this information and can keep all necessary fire equipment ready in case of a breakout.

The Science of Fire

Given fire protection is the name of our game; we’re always interested in learning new facts about fire. These are not only interesting, but grow our knowledge on how to protect you better. So with winter on its way we thought, what better time to share this information with you!

Let’s talk about the science of FIRE.