Fire Safety At Home During COVID 19


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lives in more ways than one. It has changed the way we socialise, move around as well as work. Over the past few months, the new normal is all about working from home. With many schools closed, children are also increasingly at home.  

Keeping all these aspects in view, it has become necessary to take a closer look at fire safety and fire protection system on your premises. 

We at FireSafe are one of the most reputed companies in this industry. We provide the best comprehensive fire safety equipment to commercial, industrial and high-rise residential buildings. Our company understands how crucial it is to have a reliable and functioning fire protection system in place on your property. It is why we customise our services and make sure that you get the best solutions that are in line with the existing codes. When you opt for our services, you are opting for the safety of your family.

Fire Safety in High-Rises 

There are many high rise residential apartment buildings in Peakhurst and the surrounding areas. Especially now, with so many people working at home, it is crucial to ensure that all your fire alarms, extinguishers etc. are in top condition. 

A fire break-out in a high rise can be incredibly disastrous if the fire equipment is non-functioning. Not only does it put families in danger, but it also causes significant property damage. The best way to ensure that all of these systems are functioning correctly is to get routine fire maintenance and inspection done. 

Maintenance of Fire Protection System

A credible company knows that building owners and tenants do not have the qualification or experience to handle any standard maintenance of all fire protection system. When you hire professionals for the job, they will follow all the requirements for mandatory testing and inspection of the fire services equipment as per Australian Standards. They will carry out detailed inspections and provide statements of compliance as well as other required documents that are crucial to a structure’s annual fire safety statement.

According to Australian Standards, all fire safety equipment in high-rises has to be add tested and inspected at specific intervals. Complying with these standards helps to ensure that you have met all your responsibilities regarding fire protection on your premises.

The Best Fire Protection System in Sydney

We at FireSafe handle all manner of fire equipment maintenance, inspections and detailed functional testing of fire suppression and protection systems. Our thorough and expert approach helps to ensure that all these essential services are functioning correctly and ready for use in case of any fire emergency. We are committed to the safety of our clients and work with you to meet your fire protection needs. 

For any more information about our fire protection system, please contact FireSafe at 1300 347 372. You can also send us queries and requests through this online form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly.